Friday, September 14, 2012

77 Percent of the Illegal Structures at West Cove Demolished - Contractor

Seventy-seven percent (77%) of the illegal structures at West Cove has been demolished by the Local Government of Malay.

This information was based on the report that was submitted by the contractor to the Local Government Unit of Malay.

An update on the demolition was reported by Town Council Jupiter Gallenero at the session on Tuesday, September 11.

The demolition is funded by the LGU of Malay and it was learned that Legaspi Builders was the contractor tasked by the LGU to carry out the task.

In the report, by August 3, almost 77% has been demolished of the almost two thousand (2,000) square meter to be demolished based on the map submitted by the CENRO Boracay.

Based on the contract, every square meter demolished, P400 will paid by the LGU to the contractor.

Although the demolition is funded by the LGU, if the fund is not enough, the expenses could be passed to the owner of the establishment. However, since this will still undergo a long process, it is possible that the LGU will shoulder the expenses first and will collect the expenses from the owner of the structure later. This is seen as one possible solution regarding the demolition expenses.

Meanwhile, based on the visit by Yes FM 911, at the demolition site on September 06, the demolished illegal structure of West Cove based on the markings placed by the DENR had not reached fifty percent (50%)

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Madelyn Martin-Foronda said...

How was the design approved for the construction? It seems, the Malay goverment had given the approval for the design so to start the construction. Is it not? If that is true, the owner is not to be blamed and expected to pay incurred expenses to get the constructed structures down or demolished. I do not understand why this is happenning....Can I expect a response to this issue?