Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Drainage at Station 2 Spewing Water Again at the Beach Front

If solution is slowly being worked out to the flooding at the village of Manoc-Manoc at the Faith Village area, and the accumulation of water at the sector of Angol, the intersection of Tulubhan, by the Local Government of Malay, the water from drainage going to the swimming area at the front beach, Station 2, is still a problem.
This is especially a big concern since at the very side of the opening of the drainage, there are tourists sunbathing, taking a bath, and children playing in the water.
The situation, however, is not being minded by some tourists but it could not be taken for granted that the tourists are disappointed on what is seen especially when they happen to look at the situation.
Although this problem has occurred for a long time, there are also instances that there is no water going out from the drainage going to the front beach.
Meanwhile, the problem came as a surprise to the Department of Tourism (DoT) and it wondered why there were still those who dispatch water at the area.
According to Boracay OIC DoT Officer Tim Ticar, he would right away consult the Engineering Department of the LGU of Malay about the problem in order to solve it.

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