Saturday, September 15, 2012

With McDonald’s entry in Boracay, BFI, no stand

Boracay Foundation Incorporated/BFI President Dionesio ‘Jony” Salme believes that “Free Entrepreneurship” prevail s in Boracay that is why those who wish to establish a business here can do so freely.

And with the entry of the giant food chain Mc Donald’s in the island, he acknowledges the fact that small entrepreneurs in Boracay will be affected.

However, with stockholders like them, he said they are open to such competition.

Except, he said, if there really is a law that prohibits fast food chains like Jollibee and Mc Donald’s to open up in Boracay.

With Mc Donald’s case however, this must undergo a Public Hearing before allowing its operation.

Nonetheless, he clarified that the BFI has no formulated stand or position regarding this matter yet.

Having noted how the businessmen in Boracay will be affected with the said food chain’s entry, he said the local government of Malay must study or give this a thought first.

Earlier, the Municipal Council had already expressed their opposition on Mc Donald’s entry in Boracay. 

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