Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DOT's Targets for Boracay: Party Place & Relaxation Destination

The Department of Tourism of Boracay believes that to be included in the “Top 10 Party Beaches in the World” is valuable for the tourism industry of the island.

This is despite elements for the island to be included in the Top 10 Party Beaches in the World are in conflict with some ordinances of Boracay.

According to Tim Ticar, Officer-In-Charge of the DOT in the island, it would even be better if Boracay would be in number 1 in the survey.

Ticar said this would not bring negativity for tourism in the island since two things are being campaigned for in marketing Boracay.

Ticar was referring to being the Party Place for those who would like to enjoy especially for the young generation and tourists who have inclination for pleasure.

The other is the campaign and promotion of Boracay to be known as a place for vacationers who would like to relax.

He added that in the situation, the ordinances of the island should be looked into and the appropriate law should be implemented correctly.

This is to avoid conflict and everyone will be happy - tourists who would want to relax could relax, and tourists who would like to enjoy could enjoy without disturbance.

He added that enabling this to happen should not be a problem since the DOT and the Local Government of Malay are open for communication for the discussion of such matter.

On Friday, Boracay got a five star rating in an online newspaper, and the island is on the 2nd place as of press time in the “Top 10 Party Beaches in the World.”

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