Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Malay, second with most number of voters in Aklan

It is possible that politicians will be aiming for Boracay.

Not as a vacation destination, but to pursue a campaign.

This is because the Municipality of Malay has now surpassed Ibajay, New Washigton, and Banga in terms of numbers of voters.

Wherein Malay leads with 200 voters over Ibajay, said Malay Comelec Officer Elma Cahilig.

According to Cahilig Malay comes second after Kalibo which is the province’s capital, and has maintained being on the first place.

In 2010, records showed, in order, that Kalibo tops as the town with most number of voters followed by Ibajay, New Washington on third, fourth was Banga, and Malay on fifth.

However in the conducted registration of voters this 2012, statistics show that Kalibo remained first, followed by Malay, Ibajay, Banga and New Washington of fifth.

It was learned from Cahilig that migration to Boracay is the reason of the sudden inflation of registered voters in Malay.

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