Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Garbage mismanagement in Boracay, fault of locals not tourists

Along with the influx of tourist in Boracay this super-peak season, is the possible worry of the trash they may leave behind.

However, this is not a problem, according to Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño.

In fact he said, that these tourists are already informed, not only through the reminders they may meet along the way as they travel to Boracay - by means of signage and the likes - and the reminders of the resorts or establishments they've booked into.

But most of these travelers have been in other tourist’s destinations, both locally and internationally, thereby understands the manners when it comes to garbage management.

The problem of the proper waste disposal, Sacapaño added, actually lies on the locals.

In others words, tourist appears to be more disciplined compared to some locals who seemed to just let the constant reminders pass the other ear.

According to the Island Administrator they conduct a regular meeting and or seminars to resorts and establishments on the proper waste management and disposal, adding that assessors and or inspectors are also in action monitoring both the front and back beach areas.

When asked about the Municipal Tourism Office’s Beautification program, he said this is one of the LGU’s ways to inculcate to the local community the significance of their cooperation.

And this is to instill to the public that tourism is our major livelihood, and that we want the tourists to arrive at a clean and secure Boracay, fitting its title as the best beach in the world.

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