Friday, May 10, 2013


Taking into perspective tourists’ point of view, and add to that an inclination towards “greenery,” what could be a result? – A Wave Shaped Vertical Garden in Boracay Island.

In an interview with Operations Manager, Carlos Victor Lavares, and Maintenance Supervisor, Dennis de la Torre of Patio Pacific, it was explained that the Wave Shaped Vertical Garden was conceived by the Resort’s owner Charles Uy mainly to provide refreshing view to the eyes, for refreshing feeling, and aesthetics for tourists and the public.

The additional purposes are for heat insulation, absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) from vehicles and sound proofing since the area where the Vertical Garden set on the wall of Patio Pacific is located is along the busy Main Road of Boracay.

According to De la Torre, the garden’s shape, which is in the form of a wave, was also the idea of Mr. Uy in order to add some grace on the vertical garden arrangement.

Asked on the maintenance of the garden, De la Torre said it will be sprinkled with water daily, or as necessary, by means of two tubes.

The tubes will be setup across the building and water will flow from the tubes to the plants and through the pots.

De la Torre also explained that the soil they use is from their vermiculture which is added to the rice chaff to be put inside the pots where the plants are to be planted.

The pots are made up of recycled mineral water bottles and purchased plastic pots with holes underneath.

Piccara Anastacia, Golden, Miagos Copea, Violet, and Spotted were the plants chosen for the Vertical Garden since they are easy to grow and easy to maintain.

Written and Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus

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