Friday, May 10, 2013

Baranggay Yapak, conducts beach clean-up as part of Boracay Day Celebration

As a part of the activities for Boracay Day Celeration, Baranggay Yapak conducts a clean-up today.

This was joined by Baranggay Officals, tanods, members of 4Ps, households, and BNS among others.

However, according to Yapak Baranggay Secretary, Gerlie Solano, this clean-up drive is not only for the celebration of Boracay Day because this will be the baranggay's continous activity.

According to Solano, during a previous meeting with the Municipal Tourism office, and as encouraged by the Mayor, it has been decided that they will conduct a clean-up activity every 10th of the month.

Solano also encouraged those in Yapak to participate and maintain the drive, and for the households to start the clean-up within their own backyards.

Baranggay Yapak has previously been awarded 1st place during the MTO's Baranggay Beautification Contest last December. 

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