Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Plans for the annually celebrated Balabag Village Fiesta have not been finalized.

This is because the event falls on the May 2013 Midterm Elections which is on May 13, and because of the preparations for Boracay Day to be held on May 18.

According to Balabag Administrator, Jinky Alicante, the plans for activities for the Balabag Fiesta are not yet complete.

She explained that time is short for preparations and efforts are exerted so that preparations are done at the appropriate time.

She further added that aside from time constraints, the election has affected the fiesta preparations in financial aspect.

She said that currently no financial support could be received from candidates of the Midterm election.

However, she clarified that after the elections, donations or sponsorships can already be accepted.

Alicante further explained that because of the turn of events, the Balabag Fiesta celebration has been moved to May 20 to 23.

Despite this, Alicante assured that the highlight of the fiesta will be the coronation of Ms. Balabag 2013 which is to take place during the night of May 21.

The yearly Balabag Village celebration and Parochial fiesta of its Patron Saint, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, is supposed to be held on May 10 until May 12.

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