Friday, April 5, 2013

MHO advises the public on how to avoid “Heat Stroke”

The Malay Health Office advises the public, particularly the tourists to be cautious enough in order to avoid “heat stroke”.

This is in line with the extreme heat that may be experienced during this summer as the influx of tourists - many of them came from countries with very cold weather - continues to increase.

On a phone interview with MHO- Boracay Nurse 1 Mae Bandiola, she advised that it is important to be well hydrated. She said water therapy can be of great help.

She also said to make sure that you are protected from the sun by using sun lotions and bringing along with you an umbrella and hats or caps.

According to Bandiola, people ages 20 and up are the usual heat stroke victims, but those who are aged 40 and above and or are has a weak defense are most prone to it.

Heat stroke, she said is prevalent when the sun is on its heights, around 11a.m. to 2p.m. and even those who are swimming may suffer from it because the water temperature during these times are also higher.

The MHO- Boracay Nurse 1 added that since they particularly cater for outpatients, so far, there have been no cases of heatstroke reported to them.

Meanwhile, when asked about their advice for “henna tattoo” enthusiasts – following the news about a 5 year old in the US who suffered from allergic reactions to it- she said that people should be more vigilant.

They should check if their henna tattoo artist has secured a Health Card and the ink they are using are approved by the authorities as it may contain chemicals that could be harmful for the skin.

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