Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nailing of Campaign Materials on Trees, prohibited, said CENRO Boracay

Securing or nailing of posters and other campaign materials on trees are prohibited.
This is what Boracay Forester Delilah Maugery of CENRO has clarified during yesterday’s interview.

According to Maugery they are pulling off posters that are nailed on trees just like what they did in the previous election.

This time however, she said, so far they haven’t seen the likes of it in Boracay.

Moreover, they haven’t received any formal complaints relating to this, aside from text messages sent to them complaining about a certain candidate for Aklan Congress who was said to have committed this violation.

But she said, whenever they will observe further violations, under the mandate of the DENR, they will immediately act on it and tear down these election campaign posters.

She also further explained that they are focusing on trees that are on the roads or street sides and areas declared by the government as wet land and forest land.

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