Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The money of the town should be given back to the people.
Why is the project not implemented when there is fund available?

Those were the statements made by Malay Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer Ceciron Cawaling in reaction to the report made by Town Council Member Dante Pagsuguiron at the weekly Town Council Session held on Tuesday, April 2.

During Pagsuguiron’s report, it was discovered that there were many Continuing Projects of Malay which have not been implemented despite having been funded since 2011, including 2012 until 2013.

The list of projects was allegedly taken from the Municipal Planning Office by Pagsuguiiron.

The Town Councilmen wondered what had happened and who had the shortcoming. Since, supposedly, if the projects had been implemented, the public would have benefited.

As a result, the Presiding Officer decided to call the Department Heads from the Engineering, Accounting, Municipal Planning Office and the Treasurer to give clarification and explanation on the matter.

Nevertheless, Pagsuguiron clarified that as press of time the fund was still available, but that it was not used and the projects were on standstill, hence the Council was surprised.

Most of the projects were meant for the laying of concrete on roads on different villages and the repair of infrastructures of Malay. 

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