Thursday, April 4, 2013


The simple offer of free ride on the day of election can be considered a vote buying.

This was made known by Acting Malay Comelec Officer Feliciano Barrios in an interview by Yes FM on Tuesday, April 2.

According to Barrios, the simple offer for a ride from a candidate to voters is regarded as one of the means of vote buying not just the giving or accepting of money.

Moreover, Barrios made it clear that as of press time, there were no foreseen problems for the upcoming May elections in Malay and Boracay.

Allegedly, no complaints had been received or no one had been seen to have broken the campaign rules set by the Comelec for local candidates.

Nevertheless, since Barrios just assumed his post on March 20 of the current year, he admitted that he had not roamed Malay villages including those in Boracay to monitor election paraphernalia and campaign posters of candidates.

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