Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tourists in Boracay, 9% higher on Holy Week

An increase of 9 percent on tourist arrivals in Boracay has been recorded on March.

This is compared to the same period of last year, wherein the possible reason is the early start of the Holy Week which is usually celebrated in April.

According to Grazel Taunan, of the Malay Tourism Office in Caticlan, for the Month of March there were 128,627 tourist arrivals in Boracay.

This is 9% higher compare to last year’s 118,177.

Meanwhile as of the number of tourist arrival during the Holy Week, dating from March 25 to March 31, the office has recorded almost 40,000 foreign and local tourist arrivals.

Wherein the data of the Malay Municipal Tourism showed that there were 39,512 tourists that have entered Boracay in the span of only 7 days.

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