Friday, May 31, 2013


Christafari , the first Christian artist to ever top the Billboard with their album “Reggae Worship: a Roots Revival” is in Boracay for a one night free concert for Reggae fans and lovers of music.

Najee Chua, Marketing and Promotions Manager of Becca Music which brought Christafari to Boracay and Kalibo together with Boracay International Island Caretakers (BIIC) said in an interview on Friday afternoon, that Becca Music company did not contact Christafari to bring the band to the Philippines, but that the band, which has performed in about 45 countries wanted to share their music to the Philippines and contacted Becca Music as a production team.

According to Chua, the band even shouldered their plane tickets just to share their music to the country.

Chua also said Mark Mohr, one of the vocalists and the founder of the band, has been in the music industry for 24 years, and that Mohr believes he has a mission, and that Christafari, the international multicultural band with 8 official members, is trying to lift up someone else’s name which is Jesus Christ thru music.

When asked what the overall message of the band was, Chua said: "God loves you."

The band, which has a Filipino lead guitarist, performed a concert in Kalibo on Thursday, May 30.

The concert which drew about 500 fans and lovers of music had 17 songs played according to Chua but that she did not have an idea on how many songs would be performed in Boracay.

Nevertheless, in an earlier interview with Izy Jingko of BIIC she said the band would be having a longer concert in Boracay.

The concert in Boracay Island is scheduled Friday night, May 31 at Exotic Island Bar, Station 2 at 6pm.

Written and Contributed by: Rodel J. Abalus

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