Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DOH Preparedness for Class Opening

Classes are officially opening on June 3rd, 2013.

Most students have mixed feelings when they resume to their classes. They are excited but cautious.

Like the Department of Health (DOH) who is careful for class opening since it's also a rainy season.

Municipal Health Officer, Dr. Adrian Salaver, reminded the public to habitually clean the school surroundings particularly the mosquito breeding areas.

Dr. Salaver said that they are anticipating the incidence of Dengue cases for the rainy season.

He also reminded that schools should follow healthy lifestyle such as exercising and proper hand washing.

DOH will also assign staff to go in each school, to check the toilets if it has hand washing soaps, and if the school's canteens are following food safety techniques.

He added that vendors outside the school should have the Health Card and that the food handler should follow proper food preparation to ensure the safety of the public.

(Contributed by: Kate Panaligan)

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