Saturday, June 1, 2013

E-Trikes’ technical side, explained

Information on technical capabilities of Electric Tricycles or E-trikes can further widen the understanding of the public, particularly the commuters.

In an interview with Gerard Villoria of Gerweiss Motors, during Friday’s distribution of e-trike certificates, he explained the benefits of the units.

Electric tricycles can save up to 80% gasoline, has zero emission, comfortable for commuters and its center of balance demands less efforts from drivers.

When asked about its capability to take uphill courses, Villoria said the unit is capable of carrying 9 passengers if for example taking the Mt. Luho path, and has more power compared to an ordinary tricycle.

Going down is more dangerous, he added, however the e-trike has its Regenerative braking which has two functions:  recharging the batteries and engine brake which makes its safe.

The e-trike also has a tracking system or GPS and it updates every 25 (5-30) seconds determining its location and even speed. It also has 3 cameras or CCTVs.

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Ken Lam said...

This trike is so cute that I love it very much.