Monday, May 27, 2013

Dump truck driver in an accident last Thursday in Manoc-manoc, offered a mass for the victim

Last Thursday, May 23, an accident occurred at Sitio Ambulong, Manoc-manoc.

An accident which has cost the life of 16-year-old Gabrielle Salgado of San Jose Mindoro, after a Manoc-manoc MRF dump truck backed up and run over the tricycle that she was on.

The incident caused tremendous grief to the victim’s family and despair to the truck driver, Ronny Panagsagan.

The same anguish pushed the driver-suspect to visit the Boracay Holy Rosary Parish Church yesterday to ask for a mass for the victim.

In an interview with Mang Ronny, he said he wanted to offer a mass for the rest of Gabrielle’s soul.

This is also his way of showing gratefulness to the forgiveness that the family has given to him.

He tearfully extended his thankfulness to Gabrielle Salgado’s mother who did not file a case against him, and forgave him instead.

Panagsagan added it would be better if he will offer a mass every Sunday.

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