Friday, May 24, 2013


A one day seminar was held by the Department of labor and Employment (DOLE) in the island on Thursday, May 23.

The seminar was held to inform employees about benefits that they could receive if they meet an accident or get sick while working.

Maria Cecilia Maulion, the Chief Information and Public Assistance Division Officer of the Employee’s Compensation Commission (ECC) explained about the ECC and the Employee’s Compensation Program (ECP).

The ECC, a branch of the DOLE, can help in explaining about the benefits an employee or family can obtain if problems occur while working.

According to Maulion, under the ECP, if an employee gets sick or meet an accident while working, a form from the Social Security System (SSS) should be filled up if the employee is working in the private sector.

Afterwards, the filled up form should be sent to the SSS for reimbursement of the incurred expenses.

On the other hand, if the employee is working under the public sector, a form from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) should be filled up and sent to the GSIS instead.

If the claim for reimbursement of expenses was not approved, a motion for reconsideration can be filed.

If the motion for reconsideration was not approved, the matter could be brought directly to the head of the SSS or GSIS.

Nevertheless, if still it was not approved, a letter can be sent to the ECC.

If the application was still not approved at the ECC level, a petition can be filed to the Court of Appeals.

If the petition at the Court of Appeals was still not approved, a petition to the Supreme Court can then be filed.

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