Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Operation of Motorcycles in Boracay Is Prohibited and Impossible to Be Legalized

It is against the law to use single motorcycles as a means of public transport that is why it is prohibited in Boracay said Malay Transportation Officer Cezar Oczon.

According to Oczon, the operation of the said motorcycles as a public utility vehicle is against the national law, and even this town has its ordinance about this matter.

He explained that these motorcycles, unlike the tricycles, cannot be issued a franchise for its operation to be legal.

In line with this, Oczon referred to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to answer similar questions as this subject is under their expertise.

However, he clarified that the case for motorcycles is a different case with the motorbikes for rent. The latter is legal as it is not used as a commuter vehicle.

Meanwhile, although prohibited, a number of commuters are actually defending the operation of these motorcycles.

For them single motorcycles are of a big help especially during the night time, as the tricycles do sometimes have preferred passengers making the motorcycles in demand.

Oczon added that it is impossible for these motorcycles' operation to be made legal on the island despite of the convenience it gives to commuters.

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