Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boracay targets to be gun free, but this could be difficult - PNP Provincial Director

The Aklan Police targets to make Boracay a gun free area as this is a tourist destination, this however is not easy to achieve.

According to Police Senior Superintendent Cornello Defensor, Provincial Director of Aklan
Police Provincial Office, not until the law relating to gun carrying will be refilled to exempt Boracay they cannot prohibit anyone who enters Boracay possessing the said weapon, especially if it is licensed and owned by a security agency.

He added that because the issuance of permit to carry continues, they can’t stop those who bring a firearm whilst entering Boracay.

Nonetheless the Provincial Director said that they are doing everything to make this tourism area a gun free zone.

This explanation by Defensor was stated during an interview yesterday morning followed after subsequent accounted cases on the island like the indiscriminate firing last week, complaints about a stray bullet, and the harassment of a certain security guard against his colleague using a gun.

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