Monday, June 25, 2012

BLTMPC Ready To Act On Any Irregularity

The Boracay Land Transportation Multi Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC) is ready to discipline if there is reported breaking of rule or if unsatisfactory service is rendered by a tricycle driver in Boracay Island.

According to the BLTMPC Manager Ryan Tubi, this includes choosing passengers, overloading, not letting students from Boracay get a ride, not wearing the correct uniform and other violations.

Tubi revealed that there have been instances wherein drivers and operators of the cooperative have been penalized or suspended after complaints were made and the complaints were confirmed in the cooperative’s investigation.

He added that many have been given warnings to be reminded of the correct service and how to follow the cooperative’s rules.

Meanwhile, it was made clear by Tubi that only six (6) persons are allowed to ride a tricycle from the designated tricycle queue area to avoid overloading. This consists of two (2) passengers in front, three (3) passengers at the back and one (1) on the back ride.

The statement was made by Tubi following an observation that there are some tricycles carrying more than six (6) passengers. Upon reaching Manoc-Manoc at the area where there is higher road level, if the tricycle could not carry the load, passengers are told to alight to push the tricycle.

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