Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dr. Salaver: Cleanliness is still the solution for dengue

The Malay Municipal Health Office (MHO) will not get tired of informing and reminding that nothing will change or the only thing that could actually help to prevent dengue is to clean our surroundings.

This is what Municipal Health Officer Dr. Adrian Salaver had clarified as a response to the alarming cases of dengue not only in Caticlan but as well as other places.

That is why, through a campaign, they are pressing on this matter, reminding the public that the cooperation of the whole community is needed in this kind of problem.

According to him it is not just the MHO that should take action, as it would be better if the whole community and the barangay officials would also take the initiative.

For instance, he said, with cleaning of surroundings, those who are not doing their part should be reported to the Barangay so that the officials will be responsible in dealing with them.

As the mosquitoes, as a vector, are transferring from one place to another, it would be useless if a single household would clean their area, while their neighbors won’t actually do their part.

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