Monday, June 25, 2012

20 seized motorcycles to be transported to Mainland Malay

The Local Government of Malay recently holds 20 units of impounded motorcycles.

The motorcycles which were apprehended due to the lack of permit to transport are intended to be dispatched back to the mainland.

This followed after the local government has strictly implemented a rule for motorcycles and other types of vehicles which are already quite numerous for the island.

Those which will fail to provide the proper documents will be transported out of Boracay to lessen the traffic.

According to Island Administrator Glenn Sacapano, these 20 apprehended units are without a permit to transport and will be sent to the mainland to settle the violations committed.

However he doesn’t know when these units will be transported.

Earlier this month Malay Mayor John Yap’s Memorandum order has been implemented. The memorandum declares the suspension of issuance of permit to transport by the LGU, which covers all types of vehicles, and will be effective until the end of this year.

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