Friday, June 29, 2012

E-Trikes to Fully Replace Traditional Tricycles on the Streets of Boracay by 2015

The allowance set for the traditional tricycles in Boracay will be almost three (3) years before they will be changed to the new and electric powered E-Trikes.

This was the agreement reached by the Department of Energy (DOE) Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Town Council of Malay Thursday morning in the E-Trike public consultation to change the means of public transportation in Boracay. The E-Trike is foreseen as a solution to noise and air pollution in the island.

It is the target of the Local Government of Malay that by year 2015 only E-Trikes will ply the streets. The current five hundred (500) units of traditional tricycles which have a franchise and registered to Boracay Land Transportation Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BLTMPC) are planned to be replaced by the E-Trikes.

During the presentation Thursday morning, the Officer in Charge, Assistant Director Jesus Anunciacion of the DOE said that the government has a program which is being implemented by the Department. In the program, five hundred (500) units of E-Trikes are allocated for Boracay for public transportation and these units are not to be sold to private individuals.

Each of these E-Trikes costs two hundred thousand pesos (P200, 000) to be paid within five (5) years by the existing operators with franchise and who are registered with the BLTMPC.

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