Friday, June 29, 2012

Firing Range in Boracay, A Profitable Business – PD Defensor

Police Senor Superintendent Cornello Defensor, Provincial Director of Aklan Provincial Office refused to interfere about the issue on the construction of an indoor firing range in Boracay because he has no authority on this matter.

According to him he is not in the position to put a stop to this plan, for the reason that it is the Higher Headquarters that will grant this proposed firing range’s operation a permit.

But on his personal opinion, having a firing range on the island is a profitable business especially if this is for the tourists, as there are places or countries where firearms are really prohibited.

He however said that this depends on the headquarters’ approval.

This will affect the campaign of Boracay Police of a gun free island, as they cannot prohibit anyone from carrying a gun especially if this has a permit and is licensed.

This past week the Town Council had approved the endorsement of the construction of the said firing range in Barangay Yapak.

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