Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Issue on the P38 Million Land Fill of Malay - Clear -Town Council

No mistake was found from the contractor of the P38 Million Land Fill of Malay.

The contractor of the Land Fill, R2 Builders, was not found to have committed irregularities before implementing the project. This was the conclusion reached from the presentation of Engr. Edmund Sese, Authorized Managing Officer of R2 Builders in a presentation held at the session with regard to the allegedly questionable project. The presentation was on September 25.

The Town Council was convinced by Sese’s presentation and answer that the design for the project was not changed and the area was not made smaller. This was contrary to what Engr. Arnold Solano, Special Project Officer of Malay earlier reported.

Sese also clarified that the Land Fill design was approved by the Mayor, and that R2 Builders gave the permission to Sese to design and construct the project.

He added that the P38 Million budget is only for the Phase I of the project. 

The fund is not only for the Land Fill area for Boracay, but also includes the cost for the putting up of a building and the paving of a mountainous path leading to the Land Fill area from the Main Road.

In the end, it became clear to the Council why the area for Boracay’s residual garbage was smaller and was filled up earlier than the targeted year.

Since Solano attended the session, he was reprimanded for reporting about the alleged irregularities which was said to have brought worry to the Town Council.

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