Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aklan a Billionaire Province When It Comes to Tax Collection

By the month of September, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Aklan has already exceeded the target collection of the whole district of Aklan.

The matter has delighted the Revenue District Officer (RDO) Ricardo Osorio since there are still three months before the year ends, yet the P914Million target tax collection for 2012 has been exceeded.

According to Osorio, who was interviewed on the first week of October, the tax already collected was at P935 Million, a surplus of more than P20 Million from the target collection.

In relation to this, Aklan can now be classified to be among the Billionaire provinces when it comes to tax collection because by December, collection is expected to reach a Billion.

In addition, although from January to August the collection was only P804 Million and the target was expected to be met only by November, P76 Million from a Boracay Real Estate transaction was collected which enabled the target to be met and exceeded.

Meanwhile, the RDO expressed gratitude for the cooperation from taxpayers and the Media of Aklan for the assistance rendered to the Bureau to enable it to do well in its collection, and exceed its target despite their lack of manpower.

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