Saturday, October 13, 2012

First ever DTI “Speed Matching Event” in Region 6, held in Boracay

For the first time, the Department of Trade and Industry/DTI has held its “Speed Matching Event” in Boracay.

The meeting of suppliers and buyers from different regions had been enthusiastic as each delegate has given an opportunity to showcase their product and to meet their possible new partners or associates in the industry.

The mentioned event, which is under the DTI’s Leveraging Industries for Supply Chain Program, was based on “speed dating,” said DTI Provincial director Diosdado Cadena, where an individual will be assisted in searching for a partner for them to establish a relationship based on their conversation.

But with the Speed Matching event, suppliers and buyers are introduced with each other to establish a connection or business relationship.

In the event which was held yesterday at a resort in station 3, Boracay, products brought by delegates from Regions 3,6,7 and 10 such as processed meats, sea foods, “pasalubong” or for “presents”, fruits and vegetables were displayed and presented to the possible buyers during the activity.

According to Cadena the activity was an initiative of Region 7 as a pursuant of the DTI’s way to expand the tourism industry and has been a success in Cebu and Bohol, the reason that they have brought this concept to region 6 and was held in Boracay.

Present are representatives of different resorts and hotels, as well as Boracay Foundation Incorporated/BFI President, Jony Salme.

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