Friday, October 12, 2012

Boracay Action Group, to place Ring Buoys at the front beach

The Boracay Action Group or BAG will be placing ring buoys at the front beach.

In fact the group had already set some of these buoys which are attached to a 12 meter nylon rope in the beaches of station 3 at Barangay Balabag.

The Community Advisory released by the Boracay Action Group states that the setting up of the said buoys or floaters is the conceived answer for the rising drowning incidents in the island.

These will be attached to the posts at the shores with a 100 meter distance to ensure that anybody or everybody can use it in times of drowning incidents.

Even the security guards of resorts and establishments can respond to like cases using these buoys.

It has been learned that some resorts displayed initiative by placing their own ring buoys as a response to the BAG’s project.

When it comes to the issues on theft, the BAG asked the resorts to watch over they own buoys and to put it away for keeping every 5pm.

Meanwhile the Boracay Action Group continues on requesting for the support of other private sectors on the island for the said project to be successful.

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