Friday, October 12, 2012

BIHA Needs to Join the BAG

Boracay Island Hopping Association (BIHA) already needs to join the Boracay Action Group (BAG).

Boracay Island Administrator Glenn Sacapaño said this on Thursday, October 11.     
This is allegedly because all sea sporting activities in Boracay Island already need to be upgraded to tourism standard.

The recommendation is in relation to the regulations that were discussed at the meeting between the Local Government of Malay and the Boracay Island Hopping Association on Wednesday, October 5.

Meanwhile, Sacapaño was allegedly delighted that everyone agreed on the proposals of the Mayor of Malay at the meeting.

Included in the proposals were the painting of BIHA pump boats with blue and white.

Another is the implementation 200 meter setback from the shoreline of Boracay for the anchoring of boats anywhere in the island. This isto prevent disrupting the rehabilitation of corals.

Another in the agreed upon proposals is the implementation by the BIHA of the displaying of tariffs set by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). This is allegedly for the prevention of confusion and of tourists from falling victim to unscrupulous commissioners.

Sacapaño believed that the necessity of discussing about commissioners should not have been necessary if no complaints of abuse had been received. He added that BIHA should serve as police to their guests or tourists and help in the program of BAG by joining it.

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