Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Swimming at the Front Beach Will Be Strictly Prohibited If the Red Flag Is Up

Prohibiting the swimming at the front beach during bad weather will now be strictly implemented.

This is according to Chief Petty Officer Ronnie Hiponia, the Philippine Coast Guard OIC Station Commander of Caticlan.

The matter was allegedly discussed during the Emergency Meeting called for by Malay Mayor John Yap on the 4th of October.

The declaration was due to the successive drowning incidents recorded in Boracay within just a day, on October the 3rd in particular.

Aside from this, since tourists allegedly do not know yet the significance of Red Flag, a flag which is raised during bad weather prohibiting swimming at sea, a plan by the Chief Executive to better inform the public about Red Flag has allegedly been made.  

Effort will also be made to dispatch someone whose job is to prohibit and give warning to those who are swimming and those who are planning to swim at the beach front.

The red flag will also be made bigger for better visibility.

These matters according to Hiponia will be done thru the cooperation of the Boracay Action Group (BAG).

In addition, on the part of the Coast Guard, the agency is allegedly doing its part to ensure the safety of the public in Boracay

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