Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ambulance Fees of Private Clinics in Boracay, to be probed

The Red Cross Boracay was asked to also delve into the private clinics in the island.

This followed after some reports regarding the costly amount that some private clinics are charging for the patients’ use of the ambulance.

Because of this, the Municipal Council queried Malay-Boracay Red Cross Administrator Marlo Schoenenberger during the council’s 8th Regular Session where he presented a report of their accomplishments for 2012.

For having supervision over one of the ambulances in Boracay, Schoenenberger clarified that private clinics indeed are requiring Ambulance Fees.

On the use of the Red Cross Ambulance however, he explained that they have a fix rate of Php1500 charge for tourist patients who has travel insurance.

On the other hand, if the emergency vehicle is being needed by a Boracaynon, they are requiring no fees.

Nonetheless, SB Member Jonathan Cabrera requested Schoenenberger to monitor the clinics in the island if they are charging a justifiable amount in every service of the Red Cross Ambulance.

SB Member Rowen Aguirre, also previously expressed disappointment of why some clinics and or infirmaries in Malay and Boracay still doesn't have their own ambulances.

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