Thursday, March 7, 2013


The Alvares family at New Buswang, Kalibo was wondering why the eyes of the Virgin Mary was swollen and was believed to have cried tears of blood.

Based on the information gathered at noon time Monday, March 4, 14 year old Samuel Alvares noticed the bleeding image located at their altar.

According to the teenager, while he was taking a rest after lunch time, before going back to school, he felt a cold wind.

The wind had allegedly caused whatever that was on the laminated paper to be blown away.

The laminated paper’s size was ¼ of a bond paper.

This followed with something which seemed to have told the teenager to go near the altar.

After getting near the altar, it was then that he saw the bloody image of the Virgin Mary.

He allegedly attempted to wipe the red colored liquid, but the liquid was inside the laminated image.

From there Samuel felt nervous and showed the image to his mother.

From a bright color, allegedly the blood dried.

Samuel’s family wondered where the red liquid came from when the image was white and black.

The image belongs to Samuel's father, and  mother Ofelia and they got it at Capiz Divine Mercy on December.

The family apparently used to pray to the image every night, but since they had been busy, they had not prayed for 3 days.

The incident had prompted the family to think of showing this to the Catholic Church on March 5 to look over the matter.

The plan was made by the family with the hope of finding an explanation on the unusual happening.

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