Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DOT admits Boracay is not going to be “100% problem free”

It is a fact that Boracay is not going to be “100% problem free” more so that it has an arrival of a million tourists.

However, whatever the extent the problems in Boracay might be, Department of Tourism Regional Director, Atty. Helen Catalbas, explained that these problems can be addressed accordingly if the National, Provincial and the Local Government of Malay will work in unison in taking actions.

Not only, Catalbas added, in preparing the island for tourists arrivals but also in giving solutions to the island’s problems.

Meanwhile, on the DOT’s part, they are continuously coordinating with other departments, like the Public Works and Highways, Justice, Environment, Transportation, the Local Government, and even with the National Police to respond to the difficulties and or dilemmas that Boracay experiences.

Moreover, even if the solution of a certain problem in the island is not on the DOT’s mandate, these other government agencies could collaborate and work it out.

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