Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The brewing problem between the Local Government of Malay and the Philippine Coast Guard Caticlan regarding the cancellation of sea travel on Thursday, October 25 was right away answered.

Sea travel was cancelled due to storm “Ofel,” and Boracay and the whole province of Aklan was under Storm Signal #2 on Thursday.

Regarding the incident, Town Council Member Jupiter Gallenero asked the resource speakers at the beginning of the Basic Intermediate Incident Command System Training Course held by the National Risk Reduction Management Council on Friday, October 26.

Gallenero’s question was on who should be followed and who has the directive in the cancellation of boat trips.

According to the Town Council Member, because of the complaints of passengers who were stranded at Caticlan Jetty Port and it was observed that there were no strong winds and waves were not dangerous for seafarers, allegedly Mayor John Yap made a decision that if possible trips would be allowed because of the situation of tourists at the port.

Nevertheless, the Coast Guard did not allow this to happen, giving the existence of Storm Signal as the reason.

As an answer to the question of Gallenero, Director Rosario T. Cabrera of the Region VI Risk Reduction Management Council, who was present at the training, said that during such situation, it is not possible to just take the rules implemented by the Coast Guard, which is their mandate, for granted.

The Director added that when it is pronounced by the agency that sea travel is prohibited, it should be followed for the safety of all.

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