Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The Atis in Boracay are living simply.

Even if it said that they lack education, they are doing what they could to follow the rules or any ordinance.

Even on building their hut on the land given to them, they still follow the ordinance and get permit from the Village Office as much as possible.

These were the statements of Delsa Justo, the Chieftain of Boracay Atis, regarding the problem they are allegedly still experiencing wherein the piece of land given to them by the government is still being claimed by someone.

Justo also articulated that it seems the Local Government does not care when the welfare of Atis is being talked about. But allegedly when they commit a mistake like in building a hut, they are right away interrogated.

Although no particular person was being referred to or mentioned, allegedly there were times when the Atis would hear insults.

The given example was on registration in order to be allowed to vote. As a result, they just find the means to be informed about registration by themselves in order to help the government by voting.

However, she admitted that during election time, only then that they are noticed and even hauled by vehicle. But when election is over, they are no longer remembered.

She added that no matter how much hardship they encounter as they strive in the island, they do not mind, and that they would not leave Boracay since their means of livelihood is here and that they believe the place is where they belong.

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