Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Prices of Flowers in Aklan, spiked up

The Department of Trade and Industry/DTI-Aklan acknowledged the fact that the prices of flowers this Halloween has become more expensive.

According to DTI-Aklan Director, Diosdado Cadena, based on the monitoring they have conducted, the prices of flowers in Kalibo had indeed increased.

Ordinary flowers like “Mansanilya” or Chamomile could cost as much as Php150.00, while those which can be considered posh could be at Php250.00 per bundle.

Those which are already arranged now costs Php200.00 to Php800.00, depending on the decoration, arrangement, and kind of flowers to be used.

Cadena however said that they could not tell as to how many percent the prices has increased to, since it varies depending on the kind, color and where the supplies are from.

The Director added that the increase is understandable, particularly because it’s the All Souls’ and All Saints’ Day, and the indisposed products is a drawback for businessmen.

In line with this, Cadena suggested to the public to use the flowers in their own yards, and that consumers must be “wise” by purchasing only that which are necessary. 

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