Monday, November 7, 2011

Same Line

Systems upgrade or maintenance- that was what we used to say in the BPO company I was working with when customers call in and complain about their carrier, of course, always followed with the ever-polite all effort line of “ so we can serve you better” Which is indeed true. With all the competitions in the market and the fast-paced improvements in technology we always have to keep up.

But I’m not here to talk about BPO and all those stuff we used to do and what they mean.

It’s just that it’s so funny that’s the same line I have now when people ask me why we are off air most of this day. Yes Guys, Systems maintenance and Systems Repair.

We were wondering actually why our stuff, most in tip-top shape and are running just fine suddenly stopped running or working.

If they are living things, well just say they’re tired now. Well, whew, I just remembered that things like these- computers, hardwares, softwares, and all this techie things we use for broadcast also has a life now as they 
say and most of them are really old and just maybe are also tired of running and working and needs to retire.

Such a pity we don’t have insurances for their burial, I mean disposal. And if they- the poor things live for quite a little longer, the company doesn’t offer retirement as they have no benefits.

So if the poor things cannot be repaired, we have to change them with new ones for smooth operations sake and upgrade to better equipments to keep up with the demands of the business.

Just sad all these hassle has to happen in the middle of one happy day that needs good music as background to complete another short movie we call everyday life.

Anyways, that’s just it guys- why we are off- air most of the day?
Systems Maintenance, Systems repair and upgrade! So we can serve you better!


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