Sunday, March 4, 2012

March on Fire

Beloved Easyrockers,


It's March and it's the fire prevention month.

So, we might want to talk a little about it. But lets talk about one specific fire. The only fire that could not be prevented nor could it be stopped without you half dying.The one which is blazing in our very hearts.

Love!! tadaaa...

That aching passion. That over flowing gusto of expressing what we really feel.. man, it burns.. ^^
oh well, this might sound a bit exaggerated, or is this just the love-month-hangover talking?

Point is, if you are on fire, emotionally, you have to express it. You must! But! if you are too occupied to even think how?
Then we've got you an answer. We've got the best emotional outlet in town. 

Our music.

And lets not forget how good it is to convey emotions without loosing our composure. The reason why we give it to you in a 'Lite Rock' manner.

So, to those of you who needs some workin' out. Lets work together. Partners. Keep us company, and we'll deliver the lite rock promise. Even if you're busy working, with us in your background, we could take some of that weight away, without you even noticing.

It would be great if you share your thoughts as well,or simply be heard. Say hello to your friends and loved ones.

Aside from this blog site you can give us a ring at 288-1825 or txt us at 0946-6300-496. Or add us in your facebook. :))

We would really love to hear from you.

at 93.5 Easy Rock, we promise to give you (say it with me the EZ dj's way)
                            JUST THE RITE ROCK.