Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chinese Tourists' anticipated return to Boracay

It started on the issue over Panatag Shoal to the point where Chinese Tourist Packages to the Philippines, including Boracay were being canceled.

As the Chairman of Committee on Tourism in the House of Representatives, Aklan Congressman, Florencio Joeben Miraflores stated that they, along with the Department of Tourism waived this issue over to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for now.

As this issue is on the argument on the relationship between two diplomatic countries, therefore they would rather wait on DFA's action on the matter.

Miraflores believes that this issue will be given a solution soon.

The Congressman however, admits the fact that this issue between China and the Philippines has indeed affected tourism, ergo the decreased number of tourists in the Island as well as in the whole country.

But he anticipates the return of these Chinese tourists in the country after the issue will be settled.

Earlier, the Chinese Government had released a Travel Advisory against the Philippines, resulting to the dwindling number of tourist in the country.

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