Thursday, May 10, 2012

Questions on the Issuance of Environmental Compliance Certificate Unanswered

The issuance of Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) was questioned at the Town Council Session Tuesday.

After confirming that an ECC has been issued to a Water Company in Boracay for excavations for the placement of water pipes, Town Council Members Essel Flores and Rowen Agguire questioned the new Community Environmental and Natural Resources (CENRO) Boracay Officer Mersa Samillano.

Samillano was asked by Flores why the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) issued an ECC when no endorsement had been given by the Town Council. Flores pointed out that the Local Government should know in the first place whether the proposed site for the installation of structures or project is a critical area.

On the other hand, Aguirre asked why there were instances that the DENR was quick to issue an ECC without coordination with the local government. He cited the situation of the controversial reclamation at Caticlan which has remained controversial because of the same reason.

No response was elicited from Samillano.

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