Monday, August 26, 2013


Written by: Mackie Pajarillo

“It is time to cooperate for the development of the island”

This was the statement on Sunday, August 25 of the BFI President, Jony Salme regarding the demolition issue of illegal structures of establishments at the front beach.

He pointed that because the island of Boracay is already being observed by the National Government, the law already needed to be implemented for the island.

However, Salme said that they did not yet have an update when the start of the self-demolition of affected establishments since he was not able to attend the meeting of the Boracay Re-Development Task  Force on the mentioned plan of the LGU of Malay.

Nevertheless, BFI will be expecting that the owners of establishments to be affected by the demolition at the front beach will cooperate according to Salme.

He added that this was the case since each has a responsibility to which each is already aware of.

The example given was those from Station 1 who had discussed and had agreed to cooperate with the Local Government of Malay.

 Previously, the Boracay Re-Development Task Force had given a seven (7) day self-demolition of illegal structures at the vegetation area.

The BFI President added that it is expected that an extension will be asked by those concerned because of the short period of time given by the task force, and complicating the matter is the current unfavorable weather.

According to Salme, the measures are in the law and even the BFI is ready to help the LGU of Malay for the development of the island.

Translated/Edited by: Rodel J. Abalus

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