Friday, September 20, 2013

BIWC Project in Bolabog, almost done

Written by  Christy Dela Torre

Nice and clean.

This has been the result of the sewer line expansion project by the Boracay Island Water Company (BIWC) at Bolabog area.

Despite the inconvenience that it caused, according to Boracay Water Customer Service Officer Acs Aldaba, the said project is definitely physically done, and a test to assure the safety of the area is still ongoing.

This is also in accordance to the standard implementations, and to guarantee the safety of the residents who will be using the road.

Aldaba added that they are conducting a ball test for the sewerage.

With this test the balls will be dropped down into the pipes to ensure its alignment, and  is suppose to drop in the manhole.

The unfavorable weather was said to be the cause of not reaching the deadline.

Although the road can now be used by vehicles, some few restrictions are still being applied, which is still related to safety.

Meanwhile Adalba gladly shared that the BIWC has also done another project which is the pumping station at Barangay Bantud.

The goal of the said project is to provide areas with low water pressure, particularly in Brgy. Manoc –manoc.

The line booster to increase the level of water pressure has also been done, and is to be opened on Saturday, after passing a bacterial test.

Translated by: Carla N. Su├▒er

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