Friday, November 29, 2013

Ordinance regulating fire dancers in the island, passed

Written by Christy Dela Torre

An ordinance that would regulate fire dancers in Boracay has already been passed.

This is what SB Member Frolibar Bautista has confirmed in relation to the rules that the said tourist entertainers should abide with.

Bautista however clarified that the law he had passed isn't only for the fire dancers but also for the establishments operating the activity.

The said ordinance includes the guidelines and regulations that must be implemented and followed.

The SB Member explained that it cites the places, such as the vegetation area, where the activity is allowed to be performed.

The fire dancers are also reminded not to perform at the beach line and pathways to avoid causing distractions to tourists.

If there should be a need to perform at the beach, a platform is required to avoid polluting the white sands.

Bautista also reiterated that the fire dancers are not being robbed off of their jobs, instead this is to help them organize it.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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