Friday, January 24, 2014

2014, a huge challenge for Boracay’s tourism

Written by Christy Dela Torre

2014 will be a huge challenge for the island of Boracay, particularly in the tourism industry.

This is what SB Member and Committee on Tourism Chairman Jupiter Gallenero has said.

According to Gallenero, there are many things that should be given attention when it comes to tourism, more so that Boracay is considered the “Precious Jewel” of the country.

With the help of the Chief Executive and the Tourism Head of Malay changes for the better are slowly taking place.

The island started off with a successful Boracay Ati-atihan this past week as well as the arrival of cruise ships.

The SB Member also said that the ordinances relating to the vegetation areas will push on. In this way, he said, many will benefit from the good results of its implementation.

In line with this, the front beach has become more pleasant than the previous years.

Gallenero added that programs for an improved and sustainable tourism are already lined up.

The beaches around the island are set to be cleaned-up, and the terminal at the Tabon Port and even the Manoc-manoc port will be upgraded.

Gallenero believes that with the combined efforts of the LGU Malay and the Provincial Government, the island of Boracay will be more beautiful than ever.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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