Thursday, February 13, 2014

MAP, monitors Bolabog and Bloomfield area due to heavy traffic resulting from Boracay Drainage Project in Balabag

 Written by Jay-ar Arante

The MAP is now monitoring the Bolabog and Bloomfield areas to control heavy traffic brought about by the Boracay Drainage Project in Balabag.

Municipal Auxiliary Police Chief Rommel Salsona admits that they have been receiving complaints from commuters and motorists concerning the issue.

Salsona added that many motorists are now using or taking the road via Bloomfield area to avoid the long traffic at the main road Balabag.

The MAP Chief also advised those traveling to Cagban Jetty Port not to use the flat road but instead take the “backdoor” to lessen road congestion.

The term “backdoor” refers to the road trough the Lying-in Clinic, going to Lake Town then to Bloomfield.

The contractor of the Boracay Drainage Project has previously asked for an apology and understanding from the public for the nuisance that the construction has or may bring.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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