Friday, March 7, 2014

Instead of tax related topics, stakeholders’ dilemma on lands in Boracay raised at SP Aklan’s Public Hearing

Written by Gloria Villas

Instead of focusing on the public hearing for the Revised Schedule of Base Market in the province of Aklan, stakeholders from Malay and Boracay have raised the issue on land titles.

The SP Aklan in return has acknowledged the issue but has explained that the said matter can be tackled in another conference.

According to SP Member Rodson Mayor, stakeholders and tax payers must first understand why there is a General Revision on paying taxes and where it will go before going to the issues on land titles and rivalries.

Meanwhile, Boracay is considered distinct because of its huge establishments and buildings, thus there is a so called Special Base Valuation.

Based on the statement of the Provincial Assessor during the hearing, there will be a 90 to 400 percent tax increase in the island of Boracay depending on the types of properties.

The said General Revision of the Base Market Values was based on the law that states that every 8 to 10 years there should be a revision on the Base Market Values of lands – commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential.

Translated by Shelah Casiano

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