Tuesday, September 9, 2014

BFP, requires resorts and hotels to have a Fire Exit Drill in Boracay

Posted September 9, 2014
Written by Gloria Villas

Attention to the resorts and hotels in Boracay.

Bureau of Fire and Protection Unit (BFPU) will now keep an eye and requires establishments in the island to have a Fire Exit Drill.

This was the striking message of BFP Boracay Chief Fire Inspector Stephen Jardeleza during the joint flag raising ceremony where he said, “They will have a strict monitoring to check all establishments every time they get a business permit.”

Furthermore, Jardeleza emphasize that it is one of the actions to improve the “fire safety measures” on the island especially for the forthcoming Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in 2015.

Meanwhile, the BFP Chief also assures different programs in relation to fire safety inspection and emergency response.

He also extended his opinion about Boracay being one of the most visited islands in the world and ensuring the safety of its residents especially tourists.

On the other hand, BFP clarifies that regular fire drills provide building occupants with practice in moving promptly to the nearest exit.

Having this practice reduces the chances of panic in a real fire and improves the likelihood of everyone exiting the building safely.

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