Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SB Malay reviews ‘garbage to electricity’ project

Posted November 5, 2014
Written by Jay-ar M. Arante

The decision of the Sangguniang Bayan of Malay regarding the ‘garbage to electricity’ project was not that easy.

It is because the company of Orion Enterprise International LLG-USA has to pass the feasibility study even though they showed to the council the project’s technology.

During the SB Session of Malay yesterday, the said company encompasses the opportunity to show their project to the council through a presentation, and how it is being operated in Vietnam.

Although the council was okay with the presentation, they were surprised that 20 tons of garbage has to be needed for dissolving before it can be turned into electricity.

However, it was found out that in daylight, the garbage collection in Boracay does not reach to 20 tons.

Meanwhile, the reason why El Elyon Orion Global Renewable Energy Resource Development Corp President and CEO Niel Augustine said that other garbage could be asked from a nearby town for its operation.

But apparently the SB was not convinced with the project, therefore stressing that it should pass a feasibility study before granting the request.

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